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Ringo, such dir einen Platz zum Sterben - Title Track


Songtitel: Find a Place to die
Ringo, such dir einen Platz zum Sterben
Gianni Ferrio
Jula De Palma


Will it ever end?
Will it always be this way?
Will I have to live each day,
waiting for the night fall.
Then to face the night,
waiting for the light
and playing my part,
fool my heart.
The same old story,
will it ever end?

Am I really blind?
How will I ever find the will
to break this chain, that binds
through my love for you
this heart of mine,you choose to break
every day, every single day.

Like a soul possessed round this high eagle's nest,
I feel it,
I will find no rest.
And the soul goes down that way's me down,
until I crie to myself.
Way up there on a high,
did I come so far,
to find a place to die?

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